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Brexit: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's bid for election blocked

Brexit: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's bid for election blocked

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in the midst of a major parliamentary showdown over his bid to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union by an October 31 deadline, with or without a divorce deal.

MPs block Johnson's bid for election

Legislators defied Johnson for a third successive time to block his bid for a snap general election on October 15.

Johnson needed to win two-thirds majority support among parliament's 650 MPs for the ballot to be held - at least 434 votes - but only 298 voted in favour of the motion proposed while 56 voted against. The main opposition Labour Party instructed its MPs to abstain.

The recently-installed British prime minister introduced the proposal for a fresh poll immediately after legislators backed a bill which could block a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

PM opens early election debate

Reacting to MPs' approval of a bill which could block a no-deal Brexit on October 31, Johnson opened a debate on a motion calling for a snap general election on October 15, arguing legislators had voted to "scupper any serious negotiations" with the EU.

Speaking after Johnson, opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party would back an election once the bill it passed in the House of Commons was made into law, arguing Johnson's election plan contained "the poison of a no-deal".

MPs approve bill that could block October 31 no-deal Brexit

Legislators in the UK's House of Commons voted by 327 to 299 to approve a bill which could make it unlawful for Johnson to take the UK out of the EU by October 31 without a withdrawal agreement, as he has repeatedly pledged to do in the event the bloc refuses to offer a new divorce deal.

The opposition Labour Party-led legislation will now proceed to the upper chamber House of Lords.

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